Bail Bonding and Recovery Services

Stuck in a legal mess and need help right now? EXPRESS BAIL BONDING in Dalton, Georgia, deals with the full spectrum of surety bonds services. If you're stuck in jail, we can bail you out before you know it. If you have a client who has refused to appear in court, our team of bounty hunters can bring them in. We also offer other private investigation services from domestic, insurance, worker's compensation, fraud cases, and comprehensive background checks. See www.pilrs.com for these services.

Bail Bonding

We all make mistakes, and sometimes these mistakes can land us in jail. But while you're behind bars, the rest of the world keeps moving on without you. Get back to your normal life with a bail bond from EXPRESS BAIL BONDING. We are located very close to the Whitfield County Jail, so we can get you an expedited release. We have 24 hour on-call service and are bilingual, we provide professional service with the utmost integrity. Our team has all the required certifications and degrees, and we take the time to do the footwork.

Bail Bonding Recovery

Don't get left footing the bill for someone else's crime. When a bail bond recipient fails to appear for trial, the bonding agency is responsible for paying the full bond to the court. In these situations, a bond recovery agent, sometimes called a "bounty hunter," is called in to recover the fugitive. Here at EXPRESS BAIL BONDING, we offer our bounty hunter services to private citizens and other agencies. Our team of experts is highly experienced in skip tracing and locating people across the country. Pricing for these services will vary.

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